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The doctors and staff of Avondale Veterinary Healthcare Complex understand that there are certain conditions or special services needed to provide your patients with special medical options they may require to achieve maximum results or to correctly diagnose a problem to determine the proper course of treatment.  Avondale Veterinary Healthcare Complex offers a broad spectrum of specialty veterinary health care services to assist you with those cases that you feel need more comprehensive treatment than your clinic can provide.  Should you wish to discuss a particular case, our doctors will be happy to confer with you and your client regarding diagnostic procedures and treatment plans.  While Avondale Veterinary Healthcare Complex offers a wide variety of services for our referring veterinarians, this is only a partial list of what is available.  We always welcome inquiries as to what service(s) your pet owners need that we may be able to assist you with at Avondale!  Clients that are referred to us ALWAYS return to the referring veterinarian after treatment has been completed.  Additionally, the referring veterinarian is contacted during and after the pet’s care.  Dr. Dennis Woodruff  is a member of the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians and Dr. Christie Carlo is a member in addition to serving as Secretary of American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians. 
Print out our Referral Form.  After completing the form, please FAX it to us at (515) 262-6017
ALLERGIES:  Allergy Testing  Flea Allergies  Food Allergies  Atopy (Hay Fever)  Allergy Treatment without Steroids  Allergy Shots  Non-Steroid Medications Reduce Itching
EAR CONDITIONS:  Yeast Otitis Externa  Bacterial Otitis Externa  Allergic Otitis Externa  Ear Flushing  Ear Mite Treatment  Chronic Ear Problems  Allergic Ear Problems  Otitis Interna  Horner’s Syndrome
DERMATOLOGY:  Demodex & Sarcoptes Mites Treatment  Fungal & Bacterial Cultures  Biopsies  Impression Smears  Skin Scrapes  Immune Mediated Skin Problems
DERMATITIS:  Impression Smears  Skin Scrapes  Nail Trims  Torn/Broken Nail Treatment  Skin Biopsy  Wound Care and Management  Immune-Mediated Skin Problems
ENDOCRINOPATHIES:   Hyperthyroidism  Hypothyroidism  Diabetes  Adrenal Problems  Cushing’s Disease  Addison’s Disease  Parathyroid Problems  Thyroid Tumors
GASTROINTESTINAL:  Vomiting Treatment  Diarrhea Treatment  Pancreatitis Treatment  Liver Disease Diagnosis and    Treatment  Gall Bladder Disease  Barium Studies  Inflammatory Bowel Disease
LASER SURGERY: (Available for all surgeries)  Less Bleeding  Less Pain  Swelling is Minimized  Tumor Surgery  Spays  Neuters  Dewclaw removal  Declaws  Soft Palate Surgery  Lick Granulomas  Anal Sacculectomy  Polyps
ULTRASOUND:  Abdominal  Cardiac Echo  Pregnancy  Urinary bladder  Eyes  Testicles  Tumors  Thorax  Cervical  Ultrasound Needle Biopsies
RADIOLOGY: (Digital X-Rays)  Dental X-Rays  Barium Studies  Hip Dysplasia Screening  Myelograms  Contrast Studies  OFA Hip X-Rays  Elbow Dysplasia Screening
Referral Services