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Avondale Veterinary Healthcare Complex 4318 E Army Post Rd   Des Moines, IA 50320

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Lexi is very difficult to work with and you never make me feel bad about it.  You understand she is not always like that.  Dr. Hollander made a suggestion to make her visit less stressful for her.  Thanks for being so awesome with "the brat cat".  Kris "I have recommended you to many of my friends and clients.  I enjoy how you offer 7 day a week services and have many veterinarians to consult with each other.  You have all treated me and my pets with great care."  Ashley   Our family loves dogs!  We have 4 dogs who give us unconditional love and great joy.  One of our dogs, Ranger, started limping 2 years ago.  Our local vet referred us to Avondale and he was diagnosed with a tear in his tendon.  He needed surgery to repair the tear.  The cost was not really in our budget, but we made some adjustments and went ahead with the surgery.  At the time of his diagnosis, Dr. Woodruff told us about Trupanion Pet Insurance.  It sounded a little crazy at first, but as I read about the coverage options, we decided to put Ranger's brother, Riley, on the insurance.  Six months after starting the insurance, Riley started limping!  Instead of paying $3,000 dollars as we did with Ranger, our cost after Trupanion paid the claims was $450!  Trupanion paid the claims right away and were so easy to work with.  They have several coverage options that work with any budget.    Thank you, Dr. Woodruff, for telling us about Trupanion.   Jessica Strasser We were traveling from Denver to Des Moines when somewhere in the middle of Nebraska, we noticed that our doggie wasn’t doing so well.  We called our friends back in Des Moines for a vet referral and we were referred to Avondale and another vet as well. When we called Avondale, Michelle greeted us warmly on the phone and listened carefully to us as we described what was going on with Lucky.  She made it a point to accommodate us with a flexible office visit time as we were on the road, and she even called our vet back in Denver to obtain Lucky’s medical records before we arrived for our appointment.  We chose to go to Avondale because of the Michelle’s above and beyond sense of urgency in helping us with our concerns, and her willingness to track down our medical records for us in advance.   When we arrived, we met with Dr. Christie Carlo.  Before we had even arrived, Dr. Carlo had taken the time to read through Lucky’s medical history and was aware of what Lucky’s several health issues were.  We have an older doggie that takes a bunch of different medication.  Dr. Carlo took the time to thoroughly understand how any new prescribed medication would interact with her current medications, and even called our regular vet to make sure that we were all on board with a treatment plan.  She went well above the call of duty to help us.  Additionally, Dr. Carlo offered some advice on additional therapies we might want to consider when we got back home.  The staff at Avondale did all of these things knowing we would not be repeat customers as we live out of state. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone that we met at Avondale that day.  If we lived in Des Moines, we would never visit any other place than Avondale for our furry family members.   Thank you! Jennifer & Lucky Southcott "We were able to get a last-minute boarding appointment during spring break - really appreciated!  When our nervous dogs pooped during check-in, the staff was very understanding and helpful.  We appreciated being able to call for updates on how our pets were doing."  Jessica   Avondale Animal Hospital:  "We have always received the best care during visits and surgeries.  We are thankful for Avondale Veterinary Healthcare Complex and their great staff.  Dr. Christopher Groos did a fabulous job in surgeries last spring/summer, 3 surgeries total.  Grateful!  Roxie "I love all of you.  I have never been disappointed in any service that I have received from anyone - you are all great.  I want the best for my "boys" and know that they will be treated well at Avondale".  Ann M. "They got us in right away and took care of Tiffany's infected rear paw.  My vet, now my ex-vet, would not even see her even though they were told she was in pain.  We will be switching to Avondale."  Keith M.   "Our visit was only to pick up a refill for our dog's medicine.  I like that the receptionist who took our call made a special effort to make sure our refill was ready in an hour.  We are always treated well by all who serve clients at Avondale Veterinary Healthcare Complex."  Amy C.  "Rusty loves everyone there, and they take really good care of him".  Janet H.   "Jessie and I have separation anxiety and I am disabled.  Avondale staff eased our stress and took care of Jessie in a very caring manner!  Thank you!"  Becky FQ "I would consider this animal hospital/clinic to be a five star facility.  It is clean and has a calm environment with cheerful, professional staff.  Price for services were very reasonable."  Deb  “My wife and I have been married almost 38 years.  In that time we have lived in the Mid-Houston area of New York, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis and Des Moines.  We've had a miniature Dachshund (or several) during most of those years.  This obviously means that we have experienced all that numerous vets have offered in terms of care. Recently one of our 2 Dachshund sisters developed a rather frequent sneeze.  Our regular veterinarians did what they could to diagnose the problem, but they finally admitted that they had reached the limits of their practice without success.  They suggested that we bring the 12-1/2 year old family member to Avondale for further testing and treatment. By this point Tina had developed a very slight nose bleed and was showing signs of a diminished sense of smell. Dr. Williamson tried several tests/procedures to make a definitive diagnosis and ease the increasing trouble Tina was having with breathing.  After 2 or 3 short weeks she (Tina) began to develop a couple of rather fast growing bumps on her head and snout.  A nasal tumor was strongly suspected, but further treatment (MRI, radiation therapy, etc.) was beyond our means. Our poor little Tina was by now having trouble breathing through her nose.  Breathing through her mouth caused a great deal of difficulty getting a sound sleep.  Dr. Williamson prescribed some medications that would allow us to have one more day with our loving little dog. We were with her as she started her journey over the rainbow bridge.  Yes, it was a very sad few minutes, but we did not want her to suffer any further. The purpose of this letter is two-fold; 1)If your pet begins to sneeze even a half dozen times per day (and this is not normal for the animal) then please do not hesitate to have the Avondale staff check your pet for a cause, and 2)My wife and I want to most sincerely thank Dr. Williamson and the entire staff for the wonderful care provided. In those 37+ years we have NEVER experienced a staff that was so seemingly sincere, caring and genuinely interested in the treatment of our little girl as well as the respect and concern for our well-being during a most traumatic period.  We know that several Avondale doctors were involved via consultations.  This shows that the attitude of the entire staff is one of caring and true love for animals. We have been fortunate over the years in that we have not had to put a pet to sleep....until now.  I have never seen a veterinarian cry until Tina finally started her much needed long sleep.  Do all vets care this much?  I think not.”   Thank-you! Most Sincerely - Jeff and Connie Hagerman "Excellent service; excellent location."  Lacey   "My dog, Daisy, is family and she was treated as such.  I appreciated Dr. Groos' follow up call the day after surgery to check on her."  Roberta B. "All staff are very professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and most importantly, they list to feedback as well as questions.  We have NEVER had a problem with Avondale.  Very professionally attended business."  Jerry W.   "We have enjoyed Dr. Carlo.  She has made our Ella and Teddy feel very welcome and cared for very well!"  Deb A.  "The receptionist at the Avondale Pet Resort (Jennifer, I think) is always pleasant to talk to and helpful".   "I had a technician appointment and the veterinarian came out and recommended, and thoroughly explained, Derma Vet for an irritated area.  As always, very impressed with the service.  Avondale might be a little more $$, but their service, clinic and treatment is priceless."  Tony R "Very professional!  Very customer friendly toward us and our special needs pet.  We can leave her knowing she is in good hands.  So nice you do it all.  Keep up the good work!"  Susan A. "I was impressed with the cleanliness and professionalism of your facility."  Gloria H.   "Everyone we have come in contact with at Avondale has been extremely warm and caring and very customer friendly."  Krystal M. "I felt like both my pet and I was very welcome.  Not just a $ to make.  They took great care of my pet which I haven't felt from our last veterinarian."  Jo H.   "Meow, Meow, Meow.  We are both very happy with Avondale!"  Jeani K. Judy, a receptionist, did a great job tracking down the medicine my cat needed".  Rachel H. "Being open on Sunday is huge because we bring Tuffy in whenever the weather turns hot.  The weather isn't always predictable."  Joe G.   "Awesome service and great facilities!" Hatte K. "I come to Avondale because my pets get really good care there."  Barbara W.   "We loved everything from the appointment taker, reception and availability of appointments for grooming."  James M.   "My two dogs love coming to daycare.  Staff is always very helpful and we are comfortable that our dogs are being very well taken care of.  They get to socialize and play with dogs their size."  Denise M. "I had brought my poodle, Princess Elizabeth, here many years ago.  She was my first love and she received unbelievable, great medical care and emotional love.  I had to bring Cuddles here.  I am glad I did.  Thank you so much."  Bre A.   "Staff are excellent at communicating and being patient with both humans and animals.  The post op phone calls and updates were greatly appreciated."  Judy C "Always Perfect"  -  Ann M.   "Sunday my dog, Sheba, was not doing well at all.  She actually was taking her last breaths as we came through the doors.  The staff was very helpful, tried to put oxygen on her to no success.  They were very compassionate towards us.  Love the paw print."  Michelle B "Desk staff at the resort is always extremely kind and helpful. We can take our dog there with confidence that he will be well taken care of when we are out of town. Prices are very reasonable and the peace of mind is priceless."Kathie S."I love that you are open on weekends for boarding pickup/drop off." Jennifer B.  "Flip always comes home clean and happy from Avondale Pet Resort."  Kate F. "Very impressed with how quickly I got Maggie in for her first set of shots.  The receptionist was very helpful and got us an appointment the next day.  The cost of the shots and all the treatments was very reasonable.  I recommend Avondale to all pet owners."  Kelli H. “Observing how Teddy places his trust in whomever is handling him at the time is proof to me that he "senses" excellent, compassionate care.  He is a fine judge of character.  I thank you for your tender care."  Anita K.   "Person at front desk, Amanda, spent a great deal of time explaining why I needed Parastar instead of another medication and why I should buy it from a veterinary clinic instead of from another outlet.  Also Avondale called me within 24 hours with stool sample result."  Joseph P.   "Our regular veterinarian there (who is like family to us) wasn't available, but the veterinarian we saw made my cat and I very comfortable."  Mary D.   "Absolutely awesome veterinarians and technicians-great place."  Andy R. "Receptionist, Chelsea, was good and friendly; technician, Hailey, was good and veterinarian, Dr. Aldridge, was good."  Kevin W.   "The same doctor that treated Sandi as a puppy six or seven years ago, Dr. Mandy Hollander, was still there.  She was very friendly and helped me understand what was wrong with Sandi."  Sara S.  "I bring my pets to Avondale because we are ALWAYS welcomed warmly.  Everyone is friendly, professional and compassionate.  The staff seem to genuinely care for my puppy!  It is certainly worth the travel time from my house to your clinic!"  Margaret U. "Top notch employees, coupled with the very best services, equals excellent results!!!"  Jerry W. "I did not have any issues with any of the staff.  They are all very welcoming and friendly."  Amy A. "All staff members were caring and compassionate.  Thorough exam and all my questions were answered.  Very happy with our experience."  Amelia K.   "I feel Bo's care is excellent.  I'm confident with the care we receive."  Marilyn M. "The calls and updates on how our cat was doing while he was hospitalized was comforting and informative.  We felt the staff and veterinarians took a personal interest in Boots.  We would especially like to thank Dr. Groos and Courtney."  Linda Z. "This clinic and pet resort were absolutely wonderful! When I visit Des Moines, Avondale will be my go-to for pet care. Thank you!" Kelly F. "Your receptionists are the best! Always friendly and helpful." Stacy H.  "Wow!! I am quite impressed with everything about Avondale Vet. Healthcare!  So very understanding about my temper mental cat.  Thanks! "  Emily S. "I have been an Avondale customer for over 15 years because of the quality of service and the facilities.  This year I have had to board my pets frequently".  Carrie S.   "Kid courteous and good hours"  Mike K.   "The doctors and staff know and love my dogs and they care for them as if they are their own.  I could not ask for a better team to provide regular care and day to day care for them when we work or travel."  Stacey W.   "We got in immediately as a new patient.  Front desk gals were wonderful!  That is a good first impression!  Bear is the best looking German Shepard I have ever seen!  Hours to be seen are excellent!  Thank you for all you did to help us."  Deb K. "We felt very comfortable there.  We feel Lily received good quality care.  The advice from the technician and the veterinarian was helpful.  Lily loved everyone."  Tom W.   "Been to other vets, and they aren't as nice.  We feel very comfortable brining our animals to you."  Tonya & Joe   "The gal at the front desk offered to track down the doctor when I was able to capture a urine sample from my cat while in the exam room.  The doctor entered right away after my request, so her assistance wasn't needed, but she was very responsive."  Sheila S.   "Everything and everybody was so nice!!!  Honestly, I felt like the doctor really cared."  Rachel W.  "I trust the doctors and know they care about my pet."  Brian R. “Very professional!"  Jayne V”  "Dr. Groos is amazing.  He is thorough with his exam and truly cares for his patients, has an awesome 'bedside manner' and explains everything.  He is competent, friendly, and we are so lucky to have such good care for our pets.  Angie is terrific!"  Phil S.   "Great service with the veterinarian and technician and really appreciate this."  Judy S.  "Have always had the best care for our babies!"  Joan T.  "You respond quickly.  EVERY doctor and technician at Avondale has been nice to us and our dog.  We were a bit nervous about leaving our Des Moines, Iowa dog with the hospital for a week and a half while we went to the UK, and she looked wonderful when we got back!"  Lori W.   "Everyone was amazing!!!!"  April P.  “We are always very happy with the care we get at Avondale, both at the Pet Resort and the clinic."  Bud W.   "This place is great, clean, friendly and very professional.  The staff is always nice and I always leave satisfied.  And, it's a plus since they also have more than just the clinic/hospital."  Felicia M.   "Sophie is comfortable there and is never stressed when we pick her up and always happy with her hair cut."  Angelina G.  "The staff are always friendly, welcoming and interact with my pets.  The hospital is always clean and attractive.  Dr. Woodruff is up on the current health issues (like the new dog flu) and the latest treatments."  Deb S.   "I have taken all my four-legged family members to Avondale for the past 30 years.  I have complete trust in their doctors and staff.  Their compassion is outstanding!!  I love this group of people."  Deb A.   "I have been taking my pets to Avondale for over 20 years.  There is a reason for that.  Quality care, quality staff and quality vets.  I would not trust my pets with anyone else.  As far as I am concerned, Avondale is the Mayo Clinic for animals."  James K.   "You're all great!"  Ann M.  "I was so impressed from start to finish with staff, facilities and of course, Doc Woodruff.  Hey and Lee Roy like's y'all too.  Thanks!"  Ron P.   "I was so pleased with the care and attention that Ellie and Becca received during their stay at Avondale.  It helps put our minds at ease knowing that they are being well cared for.  We appreciate everyone's kindness and helpfulness!"  Meaghan A.   "The veterinarian explained things very well, and are giving our pet 3 sessions of acupuncture and chiropractic treatments to see if he will improve or respond positively.  We were unaware that there were so many specialists in the veterinary practice."  Jim M.  "We just love you people!  You treat us like family!"  Janice C.   "Dr. Groos is always very knowledgeable and helpful with my pets.  Worth the drive from West Des Moines."  John F.  "The clinic is clean, well lit and all the staff are very friendly.  The hours are convenient."  Jeff B.   "Your hours are helpful for my hectic schedule and the email reminders are much appreciated.  I also appreciate how loving everyone is towards my dogs."  Chastity A.  "The overall visit was wonderful.  They were very good with Selina and did a wonderful job on her injury.  Before we left the technician explained the home instructions thoroughly.  Friendly staff and great veterinarians!  I highly recommend Avondale".  Lara W.  "I've always had a great experience at Avondale and am changing to Avondale as my pet's full time veterinarian clinic".  Max S.  "We have brought our pets to Avondale for 34 years and the service, knowledge, skill, empathy and professionalism have always been of the highest degree.  We trust the staff and all the veterinarians to do their best to keep our dog healthy."  Jane M.   "The vets and staff of Avondale are wonderful to our dogs and to us.  Dr. Carlo is our trusted veterinarian for our 3 golden retrievers and Dr. King provides valued chiropractic (& all acupuncture) care.  The staff know, love, and care for all 3 dogs each visit." Stacey W.   "The staff at Avondale has always been courteous and professional in their treatment of our little guys and very helpful in explaining what needs to be done to keep them healthy.  Dr. Groos even called us the day after we brought our little guy home."  Michael P.  "My dog had injured the back left-leg's cruciate ligament four days prior to our son's wedding.  I felt relieved knowing she was with 'friends' during her kenneling.  Having the clinic next door calmed my fears if problems arose."  Jeremy F.   "Love the additional hours Avondale is open compared to all others.  The doctors and techs are always wonderful."  Rick S.   "Dr. Hollander and Cinnamon were awesome!  This is the best clinic I have ever been to.  I am sorry I did not come with my other pets!"  Mary C  "Concerns are always resolved professionally and with much care.  My little dog, Daisy, appears trusting and calm when there.  The staff relates well with the pet's owner (me) too."  R. Breeding  "We know Oscar will have good care and friendly care givers during his stay.  This makes it easier for us to leave him in such good care."  Deb P.  "Being open late is very helpful, and looking to neuter my dog I was given all the options upfront and I appreciate that.  Overall, good first experience and appointment."  Ryan B.   "Always makes us feel like family!"  Jan C.   "I always have felt that everyone at the clinic is as concerned abut my pet as I am.  I put my trust in the veterinarian and they have always been trustworthy and have the utmost integrity."  Sandra R.  "Was welcomed immediately by the girls at the desk.  Very friendly and answered all my questions.  Great customer service."  Brian R.   "I'll be recommending your services to all of my puppy buyers."  Katie M.   "My pets always get the best care!  Staff is always helpful and compassionate...SO grateful for them!"  Judy A.  "Dr. Hollander treats our cats like family.  She is part of our family.  We love her!  She gave us 4 extra years with one of our cats that has leukemia.  Another veterinarian wanted to put him down on the spot....which is why we came to Avondale."  Mary D.   "I felt at home and felt like they really cared for my baby girl, Star."  Mary B  "All of the staff are very professional, and actually take time to listen to all concerns.  Absolutely cannot say enough to express satisfaction with having Avondale in charge of our pet's health.  Great facility, run by great people."  Jerry W.  "I've always received excellent care in a timely manner.  Staff is always very pleasant.  Your front desk gal, Michelle, is great.  It's nice to deal with someone who has been there for quite a while and not a new person every time we go in."  Linda M.  "The willingness of the people in this clinic is far beyond what other clinics have done."  David S.  “They saved my cat's life."  Charles S.  “We have used Avondale for over 20 years and are extremely happy with their services!  Staff & Dr. Williamson are the best!!”  Jeff S.  Nice, clean atmosphere.  Everyone seemed super knowledgeable.  Definitely a clinic I will be using in the future."  Jeanette S.  "The staff was very helpful and accommodating in scheduling Henry's surgery.  Everyone we interacted with was friendly and professional.  There was a genuine interest and affection for Henry by the staff.  I felt like I was leaving him in good hands."  Jacqueline C
"Convenient, I like the facility and staff."  Jeremy C.   "The veterinarians are very helpful with figuring out what is either wrong with your pet or helping with decision on the best surgery for them."  Annette N.   "Did not meet the veterinarian, but the groomer and front desk staff were really good.  Nice, efficient and helpful."  Danny L.   "Even though it is a distance away, I will continue to see Dr. Woodruff for Journey.  I trust him completely.  That is important to me.  The staff is very friendly and helpful."  Sheryl F. "Everyone is always extremely helpful"  Jan B. "We were from out of town and very impressed with the veterinarian and technician.  Thank you so much for helping make our baby better.  Thanks also for caring for mom when my sugar dropped!  Would highly recommend your clinic to anyone."  Susan R. "We always know we can count on the folks at Avondale.  They are passionate about what they do and we truly appreciate that."  Pam C. “Dr. Hollander is awesome!  I've always received great care at Avondale.  My dog can get very nervous in new surrounds and Dr. Hollander has found the best process and method for safely treating her and keeping everyone happy."  Miranda G. "Jodi is a force of nature, we love her!!  Dr. Hollander is a friend!  We giver her 10 paws up!!!!  Avondale Cat Hospital is the port in a storm for a sick cat.  GOD BLESS." Larry & Mary A.   "Dr. Hollander is always helpful and very knowledgeable.  She is very good at explaining patiently what is going on.  I would rank the practice a top score.  Your office is always efficient and all employees and doctors are very good at their jobs."  Mary Jo F. "We got an appointment the same day!  He was hurt more than I knew.  I felt great knowing we were able to be seen quickly."  Paul A. "So appreciate how my pet is treated as though he was their own.  Grateful for Dr. Groos' exam of the tooth and information, Dr. Carlo's tender care and love as she examines and Dr. King's knowledge and manipulative fingers.  Ahhh to you 3 from Teddy!"  Anita K. "You took the time to explain to us what was happening to my a bad time you tried to give us hope...thank you."  Ken B. "You have been a wonderful clinic for over 20 years."  Wanda G.   "Caring and kind staff."  Jen B.   "10+"  Darlene L. "Vet technician and veterinarian were both very kind and helpful!"  Julie M. ""You guys were amazing and we cannot thank you enough for the quick and great care Viggo received recently.  It's super helpful that you have the knowledge and facilities to care for a dog as big as our boy.  We have since switched his vet cares to you!"  Jessica S.   "We have been coming to Avondale for many years and I feel this is the best place for my CATS.  I have great respect for Dr. Hollander and Dr. Groos."  Ann M.   "The staff is very friendly.  The clinic is open 7 days a week and that's a big plus."  Keith M.Caring staff and lovely facility." Lisa F. "It was a holiday weekend and it was nice to know I could receive help.  Everyone was great!"  Rose
great at explaining what was going on and the treatment, which helped alleviate my concerns."  Jessica F. "Each visit at Avondale is a great experience.  The staff is kind and very knowledgeable in regards to any questions I may have regarding my pet.  I always leave feeling that my pet was provided exemplary care."  Chey-Anne P. "I began coming to Avondale Animal Hospital about 30 years ago.  Quite a bit has changed both at the clinic and in veterinary medicine.  Both have exceeded my expectations.  Now, with a new puppy, my loyalty and respect remains."  Joan R. "My husband and I were surrounded by very friendly, highly knowledgeable, really helpful and extremely kind people when we took our dog, Rose, in.  They took any stress we felt about our dog having knee surgery completely away and left us at ease."  Jan R. "All staff are always warm and caring.  I trust that my pets are treated with love and that I am treated with respect."  Penni G. "Dr. Carlo is the Best! I just wish there was a discount for the elderly as they are on a fixed income." Linda B. "The hours and staff are great!" Amy W. "I've been going to Avondale for almost 15 years.  Dr. Groos has taken great care of my past cats.  He took time to call & check on them after a visit and to call and offer condolences when I had to put one to sleep.  Great vet!  Would highly recommend him!"   April M. "Great service.  Our cat was treated very well."  Donna C. "We are happy to make your clinic our pet clinic here in Des Moines.  We recently moved up from Texas and will be a full time resident here in Des Moines."  Donald R. "Calls handled promptly and courteously.  Hospital is clean and comfortable.  Avondale is Awesome!"  Diana U. "I received twice daily calls to update me on Max's condition.  Very helpful when I called with questions!  Max received the best care!"  Kenneth B. "We had a great experience at our first visit.  We really liked our tech and veterinarian.  THANK YOU!"  Angel L. "Always open.  Convenient location.  Very clean and professional."  Robert D. "Won't take our cats anywhere else but Dr. Hollander!  She helped us keep one cat comfortably alive for 4 years after a cancer/leukemia diagnosis.  Elsewhere another veterinarian wanted to put him down on the spot!  Thank you Avondale and Dr. Hollander!"  Mary D. "Meow   Meow   and Meow"  Larry A. "Both the veterinarian and the tech were phenomenal.  I look forward to seeing them both again - hopefully under good circumstances!"  Larry S. "Avondale is great because of the convenient hours!  We have always used them as an emergency vet." Shannon C. "Love that you guys are open on Sundays!  So helpful!  Thank you for always being so great with our Henry!"  Darian D. "Thanks!  It's always nice to not have to worry and know Chippler is in good hands."  Margaret F. "Very nice staff and doctors.  Love this place.  Feel very confident my pet is getting awesome care."  Greg T. "Everything went really well.  Kaiah seems to be doing better already."  Jenni S. "Everyone and everything is awesome!"  Mary Jo B. "I liked the daily updates, like hearing my cat settled down and wasn't scared and that her treatment was working well for her." Julie S. “I am very fond of Dr. Hollander and she always is very helpful."  Larry S. "All of the staff have always been very helpful and caring!"  Angela P. "Open when I can get in as my schedule changes and evening appointments are good for me."  Daniel L. "I was extremely impressed with the amount of time and concern the veterinarian provided."  Diana U. "Great service and kind, caring care by the veterinarian.  She helped me make decisions for Reba's care.  Thank you."  Margaret F. "I have known about this clinic/hospital since I was a little girl.  We used to drive by on the way to my grandparent's house.  When Lucy got sick, they were the ones I decided to try.  I am very happy with the services they provided."  Betty N.   "They are very friendly and attended to my puppy.  Pepper is a mixed Dachshund and very much full of energy.  I recommend this place to anyone who needs a good, clean place to board or be treated here.  Thank you very much.  Appreciate the attention."  Marlene R.   "Love EVERYTHING about AVONDALE!"   Beth J.   "We feel Lilly is getting GREAT care."  Pat H.   "Service and staff were great, but my only concern is that the terms with Care Credit have changed to only six months no interest from 18 months and with a pet that has 2 major surgeries in 6 months, that change is overwhelming."  Renee D.   "The staff was so friendly....they treated Beans as a family member, not a pet."  Bruce H.   "Everything was professional, clean, courteously handled."  Steve S.   "Good service.  Friendly and gentle."  Jeani K. "Love that I can drop my dog off to be looked at while I'm at work."  Tammy G. "We moved and decided to try Avondale.....and were extremely happy.  We were in there less than 15 minutes and everyone/everything was extremely professional."  Jennifer T.
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